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Alisia Pratt-Miller 01.30.2018 11:06 am
My daughter got a cat from here for Christmas and this is the most loveable and friendly cat I have ever seen. The cat is beautiful and so cute. My kids love this cat . His temperament is so good . I would recommend to everyone to get a cat like this. Wonderful cats!

Kenji Keating 01.29.2018 05:14 pm
Lovely kitten Shin has been with me a week now and has been addition to the family. He has a lovely personality , very affectionate and immediately became attached , he also gets along with other people upon first meeting. The breeders are super nice supportive people who really care about the cats. Highly recommend the breed and this cattery.

Natalie Wrubl 01.20.2018 01:05 pm
Thank you Olga for a beautiful addition to my family. Baby girl is amazing. She is very social, playful, loves everyone in a family, she is amazing kitten. She is exactly like Mekong bobtails are described.
This is amazing bread. I came across it 2.5 years ago when was looking for my first cat. I wanted cat with dog like personality and decided to get bobtail. Unfortunately, mekongs were only available in Russia and Eastern Europe and I bought american bobtail.
Month ago I found Olga and my dream came true.
American bobtail is a good bread, but Mekong is outstanding! Plus, they do not shed like american bobtail.
My new girl is very social, playful, she always follows me and other family members, looks like she is very attached to people, not afraid of strangers, very gentle, she is a lap cat and easy can fall asleep on hands. From first day I brought her to new home she started to make connections with my 2 y.o cat and my mini doxie. They are best friends now. I think it also because Olga is a great breeder. She loves her cats, kittens are raised as a family, they are loved and taken care of. Thank you, thank you for my little princess Daenerys

Katherine Bednarczyk 12.12.2017 03:01 pm
Anastasia has been with us for almost 2 months now, and she is nothing but love and joy. She wants to be with me all the time, and thinks that I am her real Mom ( I am her Mom) She seeks my attention and gives me her attention back as well. She also loves her dog sister Kir. She wants to play with her all the time and is not very happy when we have to go for a walk. She goes out with us to visit her grandparents a lot and is always right by the door when she sees putting on my coat. I never knew cats can be so wonderful and loving. Also, she loves to dress up in her already many sweaters. Wonderful, wonderful breed!!!! Once again highly recommended. Thank you Olga

Lucy Liakhnovich 12.09.2017 08:09 pm
My kitten, Kylo, is a great companion, he is following me everywhere, like a dog. As soon as I get seated he is jumping on my laps. He is sooo beautiful and sweet!!! My husband said he never thought such a beautiful cats even existing. Kylo is peaceful and playing with my other cat and dog with no hassle at all. He is gentle sweetheart to all my family! Thank so much to breeder Olga for super kitten!

Alina Maiboroda 12.08.2017 06:10 am
I have mekong bobtail cats and children in my household. These cats get along with children well and are very careful. They never scratch the children no matter what. My child drives the cat in a baby carriage, puts it to bed, etc. These cats are very clean. My house is free of cat hair. Mekong Bobtail cats are sociable. They carry toys in their teeth, like dogs